The Rio Azul or "Blue River" fronts the grounds of Los Ninos. The river offers opportunities for fishing, canoeing and kayaking. Hiking and horseback riding are also available to all our guests.
"Agriculture at Los Ninos" Guests are welcome to participate in the many daily activities carried out on the farm if they wish, or they can take walks in the surrounding forest. The forest contain several species common to Patagonia such as the Maqui tree.
"Excursions from Los Ninos on Horseback or 4x4" Local guides can take guests on tours of the Rio blanco Valley or the Mountain Zerro del Tiempo. Trips via 4x4 vehicle may also be arranged with the owners. Possible destinations include (but are not limited to!) the Perito Moreno Glacier, whale viewing at Puerto Madryn on the atlantic coast or a drive to the forests of southern Chile.
"Lake Puelo and Cerro (Mtn) Tres Picos" Lake Puelo is located within the national park of the same name. The waters are a green/blue colour caused by the glacial clay that they contain. The park is 23 700 hectares and is well forested. The lake contains salmon and trout for fishing and can be reached by canoe from our lodge via the Rio Azul. The trip takes about two hours by canoe and is a must! There are good beaches on the lake and one can swim, canoe and windsurf. The town of Lake Puelo (250m above sea level) has a population of 1000.l
"Sale of fruit and artesanal products in the market of El Bolson" The market is the largest in Argentina and contains woodcrafts, fabrics, jewellery, local fruits and preserves, beer, cheese and much more.
"Fishing Opportunities in the Region" The zone is known for its abundant fish and fishing season starts November 15th and runs until April 15th. Experience lake or river fishing in some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Guides are available but not required, the option is left in your hands.
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